Saturday, May 7, 2011

Beautiful Collessie and Fife open Studios

 I arrived in this fantastic little village in Fife to visit an old acquaintance and see her little studio. I remember her telling me about some 11 years ago. I was over in Fife on business and thought as I was only a few miles away and it was such a fabulous day I would go and see if she had been exaggerating and she had not.. in this group of pictures I made the little walk along a lovely path of wild flowers from the car park to her studio..

 Little thatched cottages
  a lovely little path
 the Studio at the bottom of the hill
 and... here it is! and I'm not joking when I say its fantastic inside!. I was treated to a coffee and she was busy selling her work. Marianna Lines has been producing  artwork onto textiles and paper( and now on placemats and coasters and bags!) of ancient stones using some very green techniques with plant dyes and other secret methods! She has been working in this field for many years,, Many of the images she is retrieving from ancient stones all around Scotland and further afield are in fact going to be the last real copies before they disappear altogether I think. Some of the stones out in the fields have little left of these amazing carvings. Her studio has these pictish hangings all around and it really is such a magical little spot. I have even been offered a bed for the night when I'm over in Newburgh teaching workshops.. what a treat!
Marianna Lines  website is

 The fields are a riot of yellow all around

What a treat.. I haven't had a day off in ages and I loved every moment of it.


  1. I've never been there..don't think I've ever been to Fife. Looks beautiful!

  2. lovely! I knew when I started reading you were talking about Marianna's cottage, isn't it just fab, and I love her work too. It's like an Aladdins Cave inside, something lovely in every nook and cranny!