Thursday, February 9, 2012

nostalgia birds

I have been working on a new project called Nostalgia birds.. they are made with lots of processes but on this example I have bit of favourite dresses and  my Granny's old lace and some fabric my mother had.

I am going to be selling these on Etsy and various other places and thought that I could take orders for specially made ones too.. They would make a great christening present if someone gave me some bits and pieces like lace and certain fabrics from Granny and other special people in the family I can add these into the birds creating not just a lovely hanging bird for the nursery but a bird of textile memories!!!.The other ideas could be for a bride with something old something new ( the bird) something borrowed (maybe a box to put it in?) and something blue.. plenty of blue fabrics.. A present for Granny using up little scraps of fabrics that she has stashed and doesnt want to throw away... The list of ideas is endless and  I AM open to ideas.. however these birds take a full day to make, so they will  cost from £30 upwards.. leave me a message if you want to know more...


  1. Really sweet idea, perfect for a baby especially! A mobile made out of them would be fab, expensive but amazing!

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment.. going to add tabs to them a mobile would be fun to do too!

  3. These are beautiful! I adore this idea, you should keep on adding them, I think they would be very popular among the bridal community.

    I personally have been looking for something I can put in the hands of my children to tell them of my wedding day and other important days and people. I haven't been married, nor do I have children so I have awhile to look for ideas!

    This is a brilliant one to add to the list. I dislike the idea of cutting up a wedding dress for a quilt or a yarn. I want something that doesn't damage the object but still contains all of the textures, memories and beauty of the items.

    A slip of lace from the inside bit of a wedding gown or the spare button from the shirt daddy wore when you were born, etc. Those things don't damage anything but are still equally special.

    Over all yay! Go forth and make more birdies! :D